The Importance Role Dads Play in the Birth Process as

This week’s episode is with Kyndall S. Cooper of The Kynship Birth Collective who is a doula that specializes in working with new parents. She explains what a doula is, what they do, and how they can help before, during, and after a pregnancy. How important can a doula be to an expecting dad? Kyndall provides great details on what a father-to-be role is. She gives great advice on how we as men can help the expecting mother. She makes it clear as to how what the expecting mother is feeling affects the unborn child’s mental foundation. Since she has worked with kids from the age of 0-3 years old, she explains what a father can expect and need to know. How, even with twins, each child is different and you have to treat and interact with them differently. We hear how bonding with your child is so Important. Kyndall provides ways that we can make that happen. She lets us know what fathers should be mindful of. You can reach Kyndall at

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