The First Trimester of Pregnancy: What Every Partner Needs to

This one is for all of the dads and partners out there! This first trimester recap will cover everything Dad/Partner needs to know about the first trimester of pregnancy.

In this Week 10 pregnancy update, we cover the basics of the first trimester. What changes to expect in mom, what is happening with baby, and what dad/partner can do to best be supportive! We review baby’s development, common early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, pregnancy tips, and what to expect as pregnancy progresses.

**Follow along for our weekly pregnancy update on Wednesdays! We will be covering everything from TTC, infertility, prenatal care, labor and delivery, best baby gear, your baby’s week by week development, postpartum concerns, and other pregnancy tips and tricks!

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Week 9 Video — Prenatal Genetic Testing:

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