POSITIVE Pregnancy Meditatation to Reduce Stress

Hi we are Charlene & Chris, a happily married couple who are recently new parents. We thrive on self-healing, overcoming and dealing with Grief, growth and re-aligning.

Welcome to our channel where we create original relaxing music, Meditation sessions for adults and children, visuals to help ease your mind, re-balance your energy and take you away from any tension and stress you may be carrying.
Original, calming and peaceful music created and uploaded to YouTube every week.

All music composed by Chris
Track Name: New Life
Copyright: Nangsonix Ltd

We will guide you on this Pregnancy Meditation with Positive Pregnancy Affirmations (Pregnancy Relaxation). In this video, Mama charlene will share her favorite calming pregnancy affirmations that helped her stay in a relaxing, calm, happy and positive state during pregnancy even when things got difficult.

Our music can be used for meditation, healing, chakra healing, yoga, calming, rest, breathwork, studying, massag, help stress relief, Relax, work and more.

Includes ambient rain sounds and healing 432 hz frequencies for deep healing and DNA Repair.

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We send you our love and light
Charlene, Chris and little Genesis

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