Pica, Which Mom Is the BEST?

Let’s learn healthy habits for kids with Pica Family Official !

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About Pica Channel :
Welcome to the Official Wolf Pica Channel and the world of Wolf Pica on Youtube. Together with Wolf Pica, we will explore the world full of surprises, useful lessons, meaningful games, and joyful playtimes. Watch Wolf Pica as he lives and learns about the world around him with his friends and family through events that happen in his everyday life and holidays like Christmas or Halloween. Sometimes, Wolf Pica joins his friends on fairy tale adventures into another world, learning new lessons and meeting new friends
Meet Wolf Pica and his wonderful family:
Pica Family Of which four members of the family Wolf ‘ Daddy, Mommy, Pica and Puca’ , one character has special ability to morph Pinky and Uncle Bear neighbor Mr.Sam .The 2 main characters are: Pica and Pinky.
– Pica: Wolf Pica is a cute little 6-year-old wolf. Lives with her parents and younger sister Puca. Pica loves to play with Pinky, Pig and Bear and play with DIY toys, construction toys or car toys. Most of all, Pica was 6 years old when Pica was just a kid like any other kid. He is quite naughty and often makes mistakes. But Pica is very kind and lovable by nature.
– Pinky: Pinky is a creature with the ability to transform locked in a box under the warehouse. Pinky is the naughty 4 years old. Confident but naughty, stubborn. Likes to tease Pica. Fear of water, can’t swim.
– Puca is Pica’s younger sister. Puca is a 3 year old child. She is a lively, active child. Crying, whining and needing a lot of care. Or ask to hang out with Pica.
– Mommy: A strict person, obsessed with housework, always having to be clean and tidy. Regularly remind people about hygiene. An excellent cook. Or nags Daddy for spoiling the kids.
– Daddy: Kind, funny, covering for Pica and Pinky’s mistakes. Or buy candies and snacks for the kids. Has the disadvantage of being very forgetful. I love fixing things around the house.
– Mr.Sam: A person with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Or sit in the front yard reading a book and watering the plants. Or pretend to be a difficult, cold person ‘doesn’t like the noisy play of children’ but is actually very kind.
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