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Parents should look on a child’s growth and skill development from an early age and this applies right when your child is in the Baby/ Infant stage

Milestones and Skills that you need to look around during this period of 0 – 1 year are on basic motor skills, Grasping and Hand-eye co-ordination

Let’s understand these milestones in brief,

Gross motor skills 

– Cross-crawls”—moves arm and opposite leg simultaneously 
– Moves easily from crawling position to sitting 
– Sits for long periods 
– Crawls upstairs (but not down) 
– Walks while holding onto furniture 
– Takes first solo steps

Fine motor skills 

– Points with index finger 
– Stacks blocks 
– Turns pages of a book

Language skills 

– Says “mama” and “dada” (now accurately identifying each parent) 
– Understands “no” 
– Tries to imitate animal sounds

Social and play skills 

– Waves bye-bye 
– Shows stranger anxiety

Cognitive skills 

– Has a sense of object permanence, that things out of sight still exist 
– Can find hidden toys under a blanket 
– Develops depth perception
– Responds to simple requests

To reach above milestones, there are related toys to help you develop them in your child, like,

Mobiles, teethers, Baby play gym and Rattles can help to build on grasping skill & hand-eye coordination skill

Push and pull toys can develop Gross motor skills

Object permanence bod can be used as a tool to develop the sense of object permanence helps parents to achieve these milestones through their amazing range of age and skill-wise child friend play learning toys which are completely wooden based, plastic & screen-free.

Check their store to develop related skill age-appropriately and stay tuned for my next video on skill development for Toddlers.

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