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Let your children do something that you could not dream of. If you have achieved a certain level of success, you have taken care of bread for your children. So let them live a life where they don’t have to think about their bread, that is, they don’t live for their survival. They live to create something, that is wonderful for everybody. For himself, and for everybody else. This is the mistake, or this is a fundamental flaw in the education systems of the day. That we think we need to prepare people for something. No, we need to prepare people for nothing. We just have to make people flexible and sharpen their intelligence, sharpen their perception. Whatever is needed, do that. Only thing is, you have to make him an intelligence in such a way that it’s flexible and it’ll quickly grasp what is around. Perception is sharpened, intelligence is sharpened, but you don’t become a concrete block that I’m an engineer, I’m a doctor, I’m this and that. You becoming a concrete block, you can’t change yourself. Does it mean to say, no subject needs any training? Yes, it will need. Many subjects need expertise which needs a certain level of application and training. I’m not questioning that. But you don’t have to do it early on. Right now, from the age of 3, 4, they’re telling I’m going to become an IT engineer, I’m going to become a start-up. Now it’s all start-up. Or a doctor, engineer. Everything was doctor at one time, then it became little engineer. Now computer, now start-up. How many start-ups are non-starters in the country? Too many, unfortunately. Because you don’t need a start-up cuture, engineering culture, something like this. What you need is that you’re a solution seeking generation.

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