Pancake Face by CHEF ADLEY!! Navey is Talking SO MUCH!

really enjoying these family days on the beach ️


Best Pancake Day Ever 1266

We start this Best Day Ever off with our brand new breakfast routine, eating cereal outside in the backyard watching the sunrise. Adley and Baby Navey are awake with Jenny and I so are sharing a bowl of food and enjoying another beautiful day in Hawaii. After Niko Bear wakes up and it gets a little warmer, we head down to the beach to go snorkling and see if we can’t find some turtles.

It happens right away and really close to the shore, Jenny and Adley find it first. Niko and I swim out a little ways till we are right next to a sea turtle just relaxing in the water. Niko Bear is so happy that he gets to see one and be so close. We put on our swimming gear and have some family fun swimming in the ocean and making more memories as we find and swim with two more turtles. After swimming, Jenny and I sit on the beach with Navey, remembering how cool it was being in the water with dolphins the other day and how crazy of an adventure that was. While we are hanging out, Navey shows us that she has learned parts of the head and face, like eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. She is growing up so fast and talking!!

Time for lunch, and you guessed it, we are having some watermelon! The kiddos and I sit in the backyard, enjoying our fruit and talking about how cool the beach is. For an A for Adley video, we walked around the shore and found shells, crabs, and starfish. After that, we load into the car to head to the Dole farms. They have really tasty ice cream and a train ride. While we are in line to ride the ride, we find a lizard just chilling next to us. We board the train and have lots of fun looking at all the sights of Hawaii. Its no roller coaster or Harry Potter ride in Universal studio, but it was a lot of fun.

Back home, Jenny and Adley are making us dinner. Jenny is cooking pancakes while adley is cutting up fruit all by herself. So tasty and great family dinner. After food, and when it gets dark, Adley and Niko Bear come out to the beach with Jenny and I to look for crabs. We bring Alli (you know our really good friend who just got married) with us cause she is the ultimate animal catcher.

The kiddos end this best day ever with the ultimate superhero battle, pretend play of course. Oh, and this is our last night in this Hawaii house, tomorrow we go somewhere new. But its such a secret surprise, i don’t even know where we are going. Hopefully somewhere with a beach!!

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