Most important parenting tips in hindi l newborn baby care

नवजात संतान के सम्पूर्ण विकास के लिए आपने यह सब पहले कभी नहीं सुना होगा l Parenting is beautiful journey and once you follow garbh sanskar practices you would observe it’s really very happy and divine experience.. you would never worry about your baby’s milestones. even his/her understanding and capabilities of expression will be extraordinary good..
But being a mother our responsibility never stops today I am sharing my baby care parenting tips which you can take care while parenting 0-3 months new born baby .and by which you can develop all 5 Q’s (Physical, intelligence, social, emotional and spiritual quotient of baby)my baby care
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0:00 Intro
1:52 How to develop Physical Quotient
3:24 How to make newborn Intelligence Quotient
4:40 toys to develop vision of infant
07:05 How to develop Social Quotient
08:14 How to develop Emotional & Spiritual Quotient

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Bharat Sanskaron Ki Janani is a Channel representing the indian culture and values..its a collection of short moral stories for kids and young readers. it also contain pregnancy norms i.e hiding indian principles during pregnancy..It provide guidance for to be moms for their healthy pregnancy and to make their womb child “ojasvi tejasvi and varchasvi”. we are working to make the foundation stone so this will indeed result in them becoming a good human being. “Let’s sow the seeds of sacraments in our new generations and cultivate peace, morality, and righteousness.”

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भारत संस्कारों की जननी युवा पाठकों व बच्चों के लिए नैतिक छोटी छोटी कहानियों का एक विस्तृत संग्रह है। ये कहानियाँ उन्हें प्रेरित करेंगी, और उनमें सही मूल्यों का निर्माण करेंगी, जिससे वे भविष्य में एक अच्छे इंसान बनेंगे। आएं हमारी नयी पीढ़ी में संस्कारों के बीज बोयें और पाएं एक शांति, नैतिकता और सच्चाई से भरी दुनिया। पर आएं और पढ़ें इस कहानी को तथा अन्य कहानियाँ, प्रेरक प्रसंग, सुविचार, कवितायेँ, लेख इत्यादि।

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