I Love My Baby, But

Ever wonder what your baby SHOULD be doing in terms of development? You know when you go to the doctor and they ask you a bunch of kind of questions like, ” Is your baby using their pincher fingers?Is he rolling over yet? Is he sitting up yet? Is he crawling? Is he waving hi and goodbye? Is he transferring objects from one hand to another? Is he making sounds? etc,” and you start stressing about not only all the things they should or should not be doing, but how you can encourage them to learn those skills? Well, meet Ziva Renan, a Parenting Coach and Child Development Specialist who has come over a couple times to check on Sonny. In this Chapter of I Love My Baby But…, Ziva came over for a 9 month check up and began to teach us how we can engage with Sonny more, start to build trust in our relationship with him, encourage him to be a curious little guy and so much more! Also, this is only part 1 of 2 so there is so much more to learn!

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About Whitney Port:
Whitney is an alum of MTV’s “The Hills,” as well as an entrepreneur, podcaster, and lifestyle influencer. She found early success on YouTube with a parenting series called “I Love My Baby, But…”. As her son is now three years old, we relaunched her channel with a new series entitled “I Love My Toddler, But…”.

I Love My Baby, But… What We Learned from a Parenting Coach | Whitney Port

Whitney Port

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