How to make baby formula

How to make baby formula for first time parents is a guide/tutorial that is 100% quick and easy. If you are anything like us as first time parents then there are many questions you have about raising your baby. Making baby formula is by far one of the most important things you will do, unless you breast feed. Let’s just say feeding your babies is the most important thing you will do for them. In this guide/tutorial, we show you the perfect way to make that “liquid gold” (baby formula). Please drop a like, comment, subscribe, and share the video if you enjoy!

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We are first time parents with naturally conceived triplets, and we just want to showcase our adventures to the world. We have been together for 14yrs and have been married for 3. The triplets were a huge surprise to us as we were only planning for one. The ups, downs, and sideways stories that we have to tell will fill your heart. Our triplets are full of life and love, and we can’t wait to show you our cute babies. We hope you get an authentic and transparent look at our lives as we go through life as first time parents to triplets. So, please join the village by subscribing, and let’s raise these triplets together!



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