How to Communicate with Alienated Children, Jenna & Wendy Advice

Jenna and Wendy discuss how and when to communicate with alienated children — advice for erased parents.Both have worked as coaches with alienated parents to navigate alienation.

Jenna is a Co-parenting & Reunification Coach and Divorce Mediator at Pathways Family Coaching & Reunification. She is a leading coach to help alienated parents cope and respond smartly.

Wendy is a Parental Alienation Education and Support Advocate at Wendy Perry Consulting. She became one of the first parent advocates for parental alienation of significance.

Pathways Family Coaching:

Wendy Perry Consulting:

Here is an early Bubbles of Love Day event organized by Wendy Perry and including special guest Richard Warshak:

Warshak is a preeminent university scholar expert psychologist in parental alienation and author of the excellent book “Divorce Poison.”

Facebook has an extensive parental alienation community.

This parental alienation group has 19,000 members as of September-2021. 2/3 of group members are women:

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