HOW I LOST WEIGHT BEING PREGNANT|| Postpartum weight loss ||

This video is about how I lost so much weight after my pregnancy that I ended up losing weight through the process of being pregnant! Pregnancy weight loss is a real thing! I talk about my tips and tricks to lose weight after pregnancy and how to lose that weight fast. I talk about how to loose weight during pregnancy and I talk about the numbers to my postpartum weight loss and how the weight loss journey involved hormones, everything from my sleep to my water intake to my milk production. This topic, postpartum weight loss, is a super sensitive issue but I want to give you this information on postpartum weight loss because I was looking everywhere for it just a few months ago. I talk about how breastfeeding helped me loose weight- especially pumping excess milk. I talk about how many calories are lost pumping each bottle of breast milk and how sometimes milk production is way more important than making it to the gym. Thus, how to loose weight during pregnancy and postpartum weight loss is often through the milk production. Pumping excess milk can be a great weight to kick your body into fat-burning-mode for postpartum weight loss but I caution you; don’t let your milk loose its nutrition, and don’t loose your milk! You are responsible for making sure your body is giving your child the nutrition he/she needs. DO NOT let your child go hungry! But, nonetheless, you can make pregnancy weight loss happen by being smart, responsible and healthy! Postpartum weight loss doesn’t have to be this big mystery!

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