Hear this before you choose your gynae

Kate was born in a private hospital, delivered by a gynae from a private clinic, On the other hand, Jade was born in a public hospital. I have leant a lot from the 2 different experiences.

I made this video specially for my friend who asked me for pregnancy tips. I believe it will be helpful for all new parents.

Word-of-mouth is more reliable than the online reviews/forums, so hear me out.

0:00 Introduce my 2 kids
0:55 The BAD experience
5:43 The GOOD experience
7:59 The 3 types of patients & cost
11:20 Cost-saving hack
12:13 Summary of the tips

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⦿ MOH comparison of fees https://www.moh.gov.sg/cost-financing/fee-benchmarks-and-bill-amount-information/Details/SI836U–1

⦿ Blog post on the Evil Obstetrician https://just2me.com/2015/08/20/the-evil-obstetrician/

⦿ Our gynae Prof Biswas from NUH https://www.nuh.com.sg/patients-visitors/Pages/find-a-doctor-details.aspx?docid=Arijit_Biswas

⦿ Blog post How to choose your gynae https://just2me.com/2021/07/19/how-to-choose-your-gynae/


1. Natural vaginal birth is best
2. Don’t induce labour (likely will fail and have to do emergency cesarean)
3. Public hospital is better than private gynae
4. Start as subsidized patient, then switch to unsubsidized at week 22

NOTE: Subsidized rate is only for Singapore Citizen and PR.

Shot on Dualgram, iPhone 12 Pro

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