Everything You Need To Know About Dad Bod

A win for a lot of dudes, but what about women?

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Samantha Schacher, Brett Erlich hosts of Pop Trigger break it down with musician Pip.

“One unexpected feature of my wife’s recent pregnancy was that I began to gain weight. Some would call it: an empathy belly that was indicative of the healthy co-parenting that was to come.

Others would call it: a massive tum caused by watching The Good Wife while eating Ben & Jerry’s straight out of the tub, you fat bastard. The internet has decided to term my body type (essentially, a pear with eyes) a “dad bod”.

Writer Mackenzie Pearson defined it as someone who goes to the gym occasionally, but also “drinks heavily on the weekends and enjoys eating eight slices of pizza at a time”. New York Magazine named Jason Segel its ultimate ambassador.”

Read More Here: http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2015/may/15/how-fashion-fell-for-dads

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