BEST TREATMENT if No Pregnancy after Abortion OR Miscarriage –

Dr. Rashmi Yogish | Appointment booking No. 73492 00222
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist| Khushi Fertility & IVF Center, Bangalore
Difficulty in conceiving the second time is not an unusual thing. Lot of people find it very easy to conceive the first time They conceive very easy naturally. They are able to face the pregnancy for all the 9 months and have a normal delivery. However when they plan for their next pregnancy, they find it very difficult. This is called as Secondary infertility. Some women however find it very difficult to conceive after abortion. There can be adhesions inside the uterus that makes conceiving difficult. For adhesions in the uterus a hysteroscopy can be done.. It is removed very soon, bit if there is an infection that spreads to the fallopian tubes then they can sometimes get blocked even a cannulation can create patency of tubes but functionality gets compromised. So we instruct the couple not to plan for pregnancy , a couple of months after an abortion. Also avoid sexual intercourse for few week after abortions to prevent infection that can come from the partner.

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