Ask Me Anything (Louisiana Edition)

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The Real World

0:00 : When to walk away from a deal?
1:35 : Justin Waller’s opinion on WEED
2:10 : How to make my first million
3:20 : Advice for starting a solid business while in high school?
5:20 : How to get in shape with little time & being young
6:20 : Having an equal balance between work, school, gym, business, etc
7:25 : Waller on tax game
9:35 : What system does Waller use to track & manage his time?
10:55 : How to get better at my own fashion sense?
12:15 : Family wants to change me but I’m making money & don’t want to go to college
13:10 : How to find likeminded men
18:10 : How to realize your values & not think less of yourself?
19:50 : Project management or sales, as an engineer?
20:25 : How did Waller market his business when he first got started?
22:20 : How handle family when it comes to business?
23:10 : How to deal with stress and anxiety?
24:30 : 28 yrs old, $5M a year, but still a virgin
26:10 : If not construction what would Waller have done?
26:55 : Should I quit my job & focus on trading and Hustler’s University?
28:00 : How can I attract more customers to my welding business?
28:50 : What are Waller’s thoughts on the electrical industry?
29:50 : Be a manager at my job or continue growing my skills?
31:35 : How to live on my own, parents want me at home to control me?
32:25 : What makes Andrew Tate so charismatic?
34:30 : 15 yrs old, want to join HU, what should I do?
35:45 : Contractor, should I take jobs with no deposits?
38:15 : How to market to new clients across the US in the mobile notary services company?
39:00 : Quit my 50 hr a week job, to take my part-time side hustle full time, Should I do this?
40:40 : What is the best English-speaking country to move to?
41:15 : Men in nursing?
41:35 : 28 yrs old, $300k a year being an RN, should I work more or use my free time to invest in real estate?
42:45 : How can I level up my life?
44:20 : Anyone who joins the WR in 48 hours, can fly down to Miami and hang out with Waller (Stirling too)
45:25 : When should I quit my career and go all in on my business?
47:25 : What does Waller look for in a steel rep/supplier?
49:20 : Best advice to move out of your parent’s house for good?
50:00 : Waller’s thoughts on crypto right now & decentralized social media?
50:45 : Online marking agency, what niche should I go into?
51:55 : Would focusing on sales be a good place to start when it comes to learning about building a business?
53:25 : What whiskey is Waller drinking right now?
53:55 : Waller’s thoughts on BRCS Nations vs US & IMF/WEF challenging global dollar dominance in the world?
55:10 : Is it ok to work with your hands?
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