Any Advice For My AOS Interview?

00:00 – INTRO

00:12 – ​l got my C31 work permit and my notice letter. Unfortunately, my lawyer disappeared and left myself. l’m adjustment of status, but l will need help. Any advice for my interview.

00:35 – When completing an affidavit of support, do you use the adjusted gross income or the total income from your 1040 form?

00:47 – I got my EAD January 7th and I still haven’t gotten my SSN. Should I go to the office and apply? Or should I wait?

00:58 – ​Is the paper processing for those children whose parents applied for their permanent residency in the U.S.?

01:10 – A couple of weeks ago I applied for a work permit for a humanitarian reason under the U visa. I asked my attorney, he said I can’t apply until it gets deferred action or approved. Is this true?

01:47 – I applied for VAWA in 2018. They told me only work permits from 2020 are being renewed. I was asked to do a new biometric test. How long before my VAWA case is approved?

02:10 – How long does it take to get a VAWA approved for the eventual issuance of a green card?

02:24 – I am in Jamaica. And I have an interview date at the embassy but they told me I cannot have the interview because I am over 23. What can I do or do you think they’ll reschedule?

03:09 – ​I am a DV victim. My husband is a diplomat and was able to forge papers for the USCIS interview, allowing him to get a green card. If I report him will problems come to me as his sponsor?

04:07 – I got married the first time and during my interview the immigration agent denied the visa cause my husband’s answers didn’t match mine. I remarried and have a son. When we went to the interview for my second marriage the agent denied it because of the first case. The attorney at that time told me the best thing to do was to keep a low profile until immigration laws got updated. Should I reopen the case?

05:11 – ​My marriage based EAD was denied because my abuser wife withdrew her I-130. But I applied for VAWA last December. For a new EAD, is it going to be started over and will it take long or will they use previous fingerprints?

05:36 – I am a U.S. citizen who already filed for my mother and father. It’s been in NVC stage since August 2020. Is the ban lifted now?


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