A New Parent’s Guide to Baby Poop

Keep noticing different colours, textures or consistency in your baby’s stool? Allow us decode it for you! Baby poop can tell you alot about his health. Watch this video to know the types of baby poop and the reasons behind them.

As you change your baby’s diet, his stool changes too. Poop of a breastfed baby is different from the poop of a formula-fed baby, and as he grows further and starts eating solid foods, the baby’s stool will change even more. He will poop more frequently, his stool will have a certain odour, and the consistency of the baby’s poop will also change. When the pattern changes, many mothers can find themselves clueless as to what they should do about it. Well, you need not worry anymore. Watch this video for details on baby poop types, how to identify them, and ways to deal with inconsistencies in baby poop.

As your baby goes through his development milestones, you will need to observe the colour, consistency, odour, and the frequency of poop to gauge if it is a normal pattern. Watch this video to know what your baby’s poop should ideally be like at his age and how to understand when he needs medical attention.

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Disclaimer: Information provided in this video should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. For any concerns about your health or that of your child, please consult with a doctor.

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