Top 3 Best Tips/Advice for Dads or Parents of kids

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1 – First and foremost, this has to be fun.
– NOTHING else matters if they aren’t having fun. Obviously safety should be first, but your goal is to make it fun for them

2- This isn’t about you – its about them.

– don’t project your expectations and experiences on them – this is a unique individual who has never existed before in the world. Try to get to know this person for who they are alone. This isn’t you, it isn’t Eli Tomac, or Cody Webb, Graham Jarvis, or Jett Lawrence. This is your kid and they have to make their own path in life. You are here to encourage and support.
– Don’t try to live vicariously through them. Your time to shine was back then, AND it’s still now time for you to shine in all your new role. Your value doesn’t got up or down by what your kids do

3- Be Patient, be sensitive, can be encouraging.
– There will be days your kids will be crying and won’t want to go riding
– There will be days they will want to quit when out on a ride after a crash
– There will be days when you question all of it. Don’t give up. Keep going. Keep working.
– Try not to yell at them. These are the people that mean the most in the entire world to you on every level. They are the people that might be changing your diaper when you are older. Be good to them. They will pay you back.

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