Plant TikTok Compilation

Plant TikTok Compilation! Houseplant Hacks Plant Parents Should Try

Like most people, I joined the plant parent bandwagon last year to cope with the 2021 pandemic. During lockdown, I was so desperate to be outdoors that I began playing around with gardening with the small amount of yard space that I had. However, I soon realized that gardening was a little too technical and advanced for me, so I quickly moved on to caring for houseplants. I loved how easily my indoor plants livened up my living space, and I noticed that my mood improved when I was surrounded by more greenery. But being a plant parent is a lot of work, and I initially underestimated how difficult caring for plants could be.
Depending on the plant, house plants could be low, medium, or high maintenance, and different species of plants require different care. It’s very important to know what species your plants are so you can factor in all their needs and requirements for healthy growth.

This TikTok compilation is all about helping you on your own plant journey! It includes TikTok videos on plant care, soil mixes, and even plant decor ideas! I hope you find value in this video compilation, and I hope you can use the information given in these TikToks to help you better care for your plant babies.

What type of house plants do you own? Let me know in the comments below!

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