Mom Cheated On Stepdad & Now Me & Siblings Are

I am a 16 years old male. I have 2 sisters (10F,8F). Our biological father was never in our lives. He left my mom when she was pregnant with me, came back 6 years later and said he wanted to make amends, and that we could be a happy family. Somehow my mom immediately started saying that she loved him, but he left after mom got pregnant again.

Then 2 years later he came back. I cried and begged my mom to not let him into our lives because I hated him. Well, he said the same thing, my mom also said she loved him, and then he left after she got pregnant again. My mom was a waitress so the 4 of us lived in a small one-bedroom apartment. I was essentially another parent to my sisters because mom was always working. Sometimes, we wouldn’t eat breakfast or dinner because we couldn’t afford it. Other times, I did not eat anything so that my sisters could eat.

Then my mom met another man (45M) a year after my youngest sister was born. He is a really good man. His wife and daughter had died in an accident a long time ago when he was in his 20s. He met my mom when he was ready to date again. He is a really good man and treated us like his own children and I consider him my father. He was also very wealthy and owned multiple businesses.

We eventually moved into his huge mansion like house. I also had a better school there. We 3 siblings got our own rooms, and I got better clothes, played video games for the first time in my life and a bunch of other things. He taught me things, helped me catch up in school because I could not do well in the previous school. He spent a lot of time with the 3 of us. My sisters eventually started calling him “dad”, and I followed shortly after.

I remember him crying, hugging us and saying he loved us when we called him dad for the first time. They eventually got married and dad asked me to be one of his groomsmen, and of course I said yes while my sister were my mom’s bridesmaids.

Story 1:
Mom(40F) cheated on Step-Dad(45M) and ruined my(16M) and my siblings’ lives
Story 2:
UPDATE: My wife is staying in a nearby hotel and won’t answer calls or texts


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