Basics In Behavior | ABA Style

Behavior issues can be daunting… but they CAN be overcome! We learned this first-hand when our son began working with his ABA (Applied Behavior Analyst) Therapist!

It’s done absolute wonders for our son…

There was a time recently when our lives were filled with non-stop behaviors, and our son was truly running the house…

We were burnt out, frustrated, exhausted, and had lost hope.

Then, we began working with our ABA Therapist along with a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)…

Everything changed!

We are detailing the work they’ve done for our son in a multi-part series on the Basics of Behavior… strategies used by ABA’s to completely turn the behavior around!

This video is Part one and mainly discusses the ABC’s of Behavior;

1. Antecedent
2. Behavior
3. Consequence

We dive into these and begin to honestly give parents a sense of OWNING their household again!

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