10 PARENTING TIPS. When child has a mental disorder. ADHD,

I’m Shridhar, a Counseling Psychologist. Parenting is a full-time job that comes with myriad challenges. These challenges can be even more tricky to navigate through if you are parenting a child with special needs. Irrespective of what those needs are, there are certain principles that are applicable and essential across the board. Watch this video to know what those are.

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0.00 Intro
0.34 First principle
1.17 Second principle
1.46 Third principle
2.32 Fourth principle
3.29 Fifth principle
4.41 Dealing with unsolicited advice
5.25 Developing understanding in your child
5.50 Sixth principle
7.22 Seventh principle
8.31 Eighth principle
9.23 Ninth principle
10.36 Tenth principle
11.27 Don’t shy away from taking help
11.56 Need counseling from Shridhar Lifeschool?

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