Screen Free Parenting And Why I Do It

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In this video I’m sharing my top 5 tips on how to minimize media usage in young children and why you want to do it. Is technology all that bad? It is almost expected in our society that even very young kids have access to technology. A whole generation is growing up that knows how to swipe before they know how to walk. We are a TV free, screen free household. I frequently questioned myself is it good to limit the access for my children to media as we all live in the digital age and I did some research on the effect of media usage specifically on young children and what I found shocked me. All the studies are available on AAP official site as well as baby center, the links are below if you want to dig more click on the links at the end of the articles.

Screen time for babies and toddlers:

AAP on screen time:

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Activities for kids: Activities For Kids

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