Raising Multilingual children: 5 Tips I wish I had known!

My children are growing up with 4 languages. There are a number of ways I help them navigate their multilingual world but many of them I only learnt ‘once’ I could see how challenging it was for them. So I will share with you the top tips I have learnt that you can follow with your little ones as young as possible to give them as much support as possible!

0:00 Languages my kids speak
0:36 The challenge
1:40 Tip 1: The Benefit of the Playground for language
2:54 Tip 2: Overcoming language shyness
5:12 Tip 3: Language Exposure- incl the Yoto player
7:26 Tip 4: Games and Apps, incl Duolingo Kids
9:18 Tip 5: Reading stories
10:23 Bonus Tip! Benefits of Wriggle and Roll Baby Classes

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