Raising Kind Kids

We are pleased to present this video on “Raising Kind Kids” from Lisa Evans, Counselor at Shady Brook Elementary. Lisa admits that the tips that she shares with you are also helping her in her family. Lisa begins each school year with a book on “Bucket Filling” and explains to students how they can be a “bucket filler” or a “bucket dipper” by their words and actions. Kindness, says Lisa, is free and helps others feel good.

Lisa says that teaching kindness:
• Begins with us as parents because our kids are always watching us
• Includes helping others and volunteering and practicing kindness
• Comes from giving children responsibility
• Works best when kindness and respect are expectations in your home

Lisa reminds us that when only one person chooses to do an act of kindness it can domino. Lisa teaches her students to remember the THINK model to evaluate our words before they leave our mouths:
T: is it TRUE?
H: is it HELPFUL?
K: is it KIND?

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