Parenting Teens Through Stressful Times: Balancing Structure and Support

As we contemplate the end of this long pandemic year, many parents are left wondering how to help their children with the many transitions that we are facing. How do we help kids overcome anxiety about returning to school full time, how to do we help them with social anxiety that may have emerged from many months of isolation, how do we intervene to wean kids off excessive use of screens that may have developed as a result of the pandemic lockdown? Adolescent and “tween” kids need our guidance and also our loving support as they navigate these and other challenges. In this workshop we will discuss specific strategies parents can use to help their teenaged children readjust to our ever changing world.

Michael Davidovits, PhD, LCSW

About This Series:
The Ackerman Institute for the Family’s free webinar series for parents and caregivers is created by family therapy experts and designed to help parents and caregivers to support their child’s mental health across a diverse range of subjects.

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