Parenting Teens in Stressful Times

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We will be with:
Jonathan Sherman (Therapist)–Accepting differences in our families
Sarah Coyne (BYU professor)–Healthy media use in families
Discussion and Wrap Up–Jen & Jess

Jennifer Doty is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida. She has a doctorate in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota and post-doctoral training in adolescent health. She has over 30 publications on parent-child relationships, families and technology, the prevention of bullying, and the promotion of adolescent health and well-being. She is the mother of three young people ages 16-22. Jessica Peterson has over twenty years of experience as a clinical social worker in diverse settings, including LDS Social Services, an alternative high school and the VA. She has worked as an individual therapist, a behavioral specialist, a family case worker, the manager of a Fisher House for families whose loved ones are ill. She is the mother of five children ages 11-21.

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