Pagan Parenting and Raising Kids in Witchcraft || Parenting While

What’s it like pagan parenting? As a practicing witch and pagan, I am often asked how I maintain my practice with kids. Do I include my daughter? Does she stay out of it? Her father and I discussed this when I was pregnant, and even though I am pagan, my parenting isn’t necessarily “pagan”.

So, how do I navigate parenting while pagan and practicing witchcraft? And what do I teach my daughter? Find out!

This video is in collaboration with Bex at The Witches Cookery! Check out her video, too!

Self-Love Oil and Body Mist:

Intro 00:00
Collab! 00:14
Back Story 01:08
What do I teach my daughter? 05:25
— Respect 08:41
— Consent 10:28
— Reciprocity 11:35
— Breathe 12:31
Does she cast spells? 14:14
Does she believe in the Gods? 16:12
What if she doesn’t want to be pagan? 18:05
Teaching Discernment 19:26
Final Thoughts 27:48
Outro 31:07

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