NBA All Star Just Found Out He is Raising A

It has now been over a month since we last saw Andrew Wiggins on the basketball court. Up until now, the Golden State Warriors haven’t provided much information on his absence other than it’s for personal reasons. Dubs head coach Steve Kerr recently shut down rumors that Wiggins was not going to return this season, but the fact that these types of reports have already emerged speaks volumes of how severe the situation has become.

At this point, it’s no longer surprising that all sorts of rumors have popped up with regard to Wiggins’ mysterious absence. There are even some whispers going around that there’s some sort of infidelity involving Wiggins’ girlfriend, Mychal Johnson. We will no longer disclose the details of the said rumors because they’re pretty nasty, and more importantly, unsubstantiated.

For her part, however, it is clear that Johnson wasn’t at all happy with the fake news:

Johnson did not address the rumors directly, perhaps so as not to add more fuel to the fire. However, she blatantly denied the cheating allegations:

Andrew Wiggins is going through a very challenging period in his life right now. After all, it’s very uncommon for a player to miss a month of action — and likely even longer — because of a personal issue. It is clear that this is a very serious situation, and the last thing Wiggins and his loved ones need are these types of unfounded and hurtful rumors.

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