Kindi Kids Dolls

Journey to the world of Rainbow Kindi and Kindergarten alongside the new Kindi Kids dolls! Designed for ages 3 and up, these super colorful and food-themed bobblehead dolls are all about helping preschoolers transition to Kindergarten and engage in imaginative play.

Each doll has fun food accessories with surprise features. Marsha Mello is marshmallow-themed, and comes with a babycino and cake pop. Squeeze the babycino to see marshmallows appear in the straw and push the cake pop to Marsha’s mouth to take a “bite”. Donatina loves donuts, and she comes with a bowl of cereal and a spoon. When you feed her, the cereal disappears. Jessicakes is all about cupcakes, and she comes with a pretend sprinkle shaker and a cupcake with disappearing cherry when you hold it to her mouth. And Peppa-Mint is ice cream-themed. She comes with a spoon and a bowl of ice cream. Push the spoon into the ice cream and pull it out to reveal a scoop of strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla.

Check out more about the Kindi Kids characters on their YouTube series!

• Mix & match outfits and shoes
• Large dolls are easy to grip and play
• More playtime with Kindi fun accessories

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