Karlous Miller, Page Kennedy, Tonio Skits & Tanjareen! Debate Open

Advice is hard to swallow, so comedy is the perfect chaser for a shot of truth!
On this talk show, we feature popular comedians and funny creators by having panel discussions on life’s biggest and smallest issues!

Hosted by comedian Cynthia LuCiette, FUNNY ADVICE gives viewers a seat at the comedy table.

We authentically talk about everything…no topic is off limits or uncomfortable to address in the most hilarious way!

We give advice on everything from “Letting Go Of Failed Friendships” to “Getting Your Job Back”

Every episode you get to listen to hilarious takes on Work, Life, Love, Money Tips, Staying
Fit and more!

Host: Cynthia Luicette @CYNTHIA LUCIETTE

Karlous Miller @The 85 South Comedy Show @karlous miller
Tonio Skits @Tonio Skits
Page Kennedy @pagekennedy

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