Children’s Day: 10 Tips on raising responsible children

In an age where the rod is spared and the child is spoiled; in an age where many children are abused and are now radically taught to be outspoken as reflected in the viral video: “if you touch my private part, I will tell…” Two Catholic Priests, Fr. Johnbosco Obika and Chinaka Justin Mbaeri, OSJ made a presentation on “10 Tips on raising responsible children” in the spirit of celebrating children’s day. Enjoy the presentation!

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Contains the music “We Are the World”, a charity song originally recorded by the supergroup “USA for Africa” in 1985, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian for the album We Are the World.

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© Fr. Chinaka Justin Mbaeri, OSJ and Fr. Johnbosco Obika
Paroquia Nossa Senhora de Loreto, Vila Medeiros, São Paulo, Brazil /

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