10 Tips for Raising your Child with #Autism

As a parent raising a child with autism spectrum disorder, you are faced with many difficulties and daily challenges which require adjustment in your parenting skills to include flexibility, patience, understanding and strength. You need to become very aware of your child’s specific needs while all along ensuring your own wellbeing and mental health. It is important to realize that no two autistic children (as with all children) are the same and therefore requires you to have the flexibility and open-mindedness to try numerous strategies and techniques to find the best fit for your child and family. This discovery may take some time and will include ups and downs, however, with persistence and the help of your child’s team you will find the path that will provide the direction necessary to seek positive change.

Here are 10 helpful tips:

1. Don’t make comparisons
2. Help your child realize when they need a break
3. Listen to your child calmly and do your best to understand
4. Help your child apply new skills to different situations (generalization)
5. Keep an open mind
6. Maintain a sense of humour
7. Never underestimate how much your child understands
8. Look into Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA therapy)
9. Work with the school and be an advocate for your child’s needs
10. Take a break yourself and seek support

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